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Fundamental Herbalism:

Hands on course to introduce you to the world of Plant Medicine. 150 Hour 10 month course. You will navigate through the plant world learning how the land gives back in appreciation. Each month we will dive deep into plants, medicine making techniques (including tinctures, salves, teas, decoctions, and more).

Basic Botany and plant identification along with ethical harvesting techniques and the discussion of wild harvested vs cultivated. You will learn to grow common Southern Appalachian Plants by incorporating them into the existing landscape.

We will discuss and learn about common conditions and helpful plants and protocols while traveling through each body system.

This is a course for those with no previous herbal experience that have a love of nature and plants and the desire to use herbs at home for family and friends.

There will be 3 camping trips and one optional 5 day trip (Not included in Tuition). Additional costs will be that of books and trips.

Class meets in Alpharetta 2 Tuesdays a month from 9-2.  Applications available, Class size is limited.  Distance Learning options available.

Email: bewell@roswellfarmersmarket.com or call 404-895-1302


A unique 12 month program that combines herbs and foods to give an in depth herbal training to those interested in pursuing a career in herbalism or looking to add herbal and food therapy to their repertoire. This is also an great course for the personal chef looking to add wellness services to their meals.

This Program is a combination of Distance Learning and In Person. For those unable to attend in person please contact me directly to discuss options.

We will dive deep into food preparation and differences in cultivation methods both past and present. The importance of soil and the ecosystem to our overall health and wellness. You will learn basic cooking and preparation along with how to avoid AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products).
You will learn basic medical terminology and communicating with the allopathic/conventional medical practitioners. Basic Human Science to include Anatomy & Physiology and Holistic Nutrition.
Dive deeper into plant identification, ethical harvesting and cultivation, and develop a materia medica.
Past and Present Herbal Philosophy will be taught in Eastern, Western, Ayurvedic, and Folk.  We will explore the similarities and overlaps between each philosophy. Begin the discussion of energetics to heighten your plant knowledge.
There will be 3 weekend camping trips and one optional 5 day trip exploring Bush Medicine in the Bahamas. (not included in tuition) Tuition cost does not include books and trips.
Classes meet in Alpharetta, GA Once a week on line for 2 Hours and In person class dates will vary based on module. Class time will be on Thursdays.
For applications email bewell@roswellfarmersmarket.com
For additional information call or email 404-895-1302
Class size is limited.
450 hours


As your Journey comes to a close this is the completion of the Practical Herbalism & Food Therapy Chef Program. In this 6 month course we will dive into

Therapeutic protocols using herbs and foods. Develop an understanding of Plant energetics and pathways with medicinal herbs and foods. Develop Food protocols and infuse medicinal herbs into your culinary creations. Develop Herbal protocols and advance medicine making skills.

Dive deeper into protocols, pathology, and biochemistry. Your relationship with plants will deepen as we discuss the science behind the evolution of plants and Earth. Our relationship with land will be explored in depth.

As we continue to build the materia medica you will also develop techniques to use with clients to build successful protocols such as eye, tongue, skin, nail analysis, optimal ranges in labs, wellness coaching, meditation techniques, and more.

This course also includes fermentation and traditional foods, reiki certification, business development and marketing.

2 harvesting trips and Reiki Certification trip(not included in tuition). Class will meet 2 Thursdays a month for 6 months. Application deadline for 2019 is September 17, 2019

Distance Learning Options Available.

For additional information email bewell@roswellfarmersmarket.com or

call 404-895-1302

All S.O.W. Institute classes taught on the S.O.W. paradigm.

300 hours

2019 Application

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