The Japanese word ‘Reiki’ is translated to ‘universal life energy’ and is a way of regaining balance, harmony, and wholeness. Reiki addresses the whole person on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Personal Development, Spiritual Growth, and Healing Practice.  You will experience the relaxation and stress reduction benefits of this technique. Reiki is ‘Spiritually guided life force energy’. To be clear Reiki is NOT a religious practice.

Reiki can be combined and used in conjunction with all other traditional and conventional therapies.

Each person is different and each Reiki session is different based on your individual needs and the moment you are currently in or where you stand in your life at the time of your appointment. I may combine Chakra balancing herbs into the session as well. A brief discussion and assessment of your Chakras and Energy of your Body and Organs before beginning the session and a discussion to answer any questions after the session as well.

Reiki is good for:

  • Stress Reductionreiki2
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Overall Wellness
  • Personal & Spiritual Growth
  • And Much More.

If you are unsure if Reiki is right for you call to discuss further. 404-895-1302

What to expect: Reiki Practitioner places hands softly on or above the body to allow for energy to flow. There is specific hand positions used for organ specific or chakras. Each Session is between 60 -120 minutes. During the session you may feel tingling or numbing sensations, have visions, colors, emotions to surface, and may feel blockages as the energy moves through your body.

***At this time I am only teaching Reiki Certification Classes and seeing current clients. If you are interested in a Reiki Session please reach out via email in regards to availability.