Prepared Meals

Our Prepared Meals are made using fresh, local, biodynamic/organic ingredients. Seafood is wild caught, hook and line, with no added DIP or Everfresh. We raise our livestock on open pastures using a rotational grazing and wood forested methods. All livestock is Grass Fed and Finished.

If you need healthy, organic, gluten free meals for yourself, family, or a friend the first step is to email or call. A form will be sent for you to complete so we can create your meals for you. The form will list options to describe your dietary needs (post/pre op, allergies, etc), culinary preferences (cuisines you like/ don’t like, vegetables / meats you like / don’t like).

After you complete the form and decide how many meals you need you will be placed on the kitchen schedule. Cook Days are on Monday and Friday. Cut off day for Monday is Thursday and cut off day for Friday is on Wednesday.

Meals can be picked up on Monday evening, Friday afternoon, or Saturday afternoon. Delivery is available for a $25 fee (to most areas). Delivery fee is waived for post-op patients, New Family Member, and Meal Train meals.

Our meals are perfect for those who have allergies, dietary restrictions, weight loss goals, medical conditions, post-op, family/friends in need of meal train, and those who have a busy lifestyle.

Herbal and Food Therapy Clients will have herb infused meals that are specific to their wellness goals and do not have to complete the above mentioned form as this will be done in consultation.

Complete the form below for additional information!