Peaceful Daze

Cultivating a mindset as an integral part of your overall wellness. Creating custom wellness retreat experiences to teach and develop lifelong tools to optimize your wellness. Strategies and tools designed for your bio-individual needs that can easily be incorporated into your everyday.

  • Stress management
  • Increased Energy
  • Detox : Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual
  • Optimize Wellness & Weight Control
  • Anxiety / Panic / Stress
  • Personalized Herbal and Food Therapy Weekends
  • Energy Healing and Reiki Certification
  • Private Herbal Studies

Grounding, Activities, & Education are an integral part of your experience. Techniques and strategies designed to help you to improve your overall wellness on a physical, mental/emotional, & spiritual level. Our personalized retreats honor your individuality and design for a safe and effective way for you to improve the quality of your live

Meditation is for everyone. Develop your mind-body-spirit connection with a customized meditation experience.

  • QiGong
  • QiGong for Trauma, Anxiety, Worry, Stress
  • Yoga
  • Yoga for Trauma, Anxiety, Worry, Stress
  • Guided Meditation
  • Grounding: Deepening your Connection to Earth
  • Nature provides a safe space for us to reconnect to Earth. Immersing ourselves into Nature allows for stress reduction, grounding and positive ion discharge, and so much more. It helps to excite us, allows us to thrive, and opens us up to realizing new potential.

As part of your customized experience, you will receive a bio-individual meal plan to promote healthy eating and to optimize cellular respiration. Classes will be developed to teach you to prepare meals to meet the unique needs of your body for optimal wellness. Meals are prepared from local, biodynamic/organic produce and ingredients. Your customized meal plan will not only be developed to propel your wellness goals but will also honor your preferences and beliefs.


Our private retreats are customized to meet your goals. Workbooks will be provided for each person participating that is unique to his/her journey. Maximum of 2 for private retreats at the Peaceful Daze. Larger group sizes are welcome and need to be scheduled over the phone.

Cost includes: Private Room, Shared Bathroom, Meditation, Yoga/QiGong, Forest Bathing, Custom Workbook, Mineral Bath, All Meals, and More. Click here for Scheduling. Cost for 3 Nights $2000.00