Choosing to work with a clinical herbalist and explore the power of plants is a wonderful step in your wellness journey. You will receive guidance, support, and the ability to empower yourself during your journey. The initial consultation includes a look at health history, genetics, epi-genetics, a review of your skin, nails, eyes, and tongue in order to develop your bio-individual protocol.

A Comprehensive visit going over your unique individual health and wellness patterns, lifestyle, family history, nutrition, and toxic load. You will receive an intake form to complete, you will need a copy of last labs (if available), and a 5 to 7 day dietary journal. During your visit we will discuss your primary and secondary concerns, wellness goals, and explore all Body, Mind, and Spirit concerns or imbalances related to your wellness goals.  Discuss additional labs if needed and you will receive requisition forms and kits if needed.

A unique bio-individual herbal protocol will be developed along with a Wellness Action Plan to include follow up schedule. All formulas are mixed in our Apothecary and usually available to pick up with in 2 or 3 days. The cost of herbs is not included in the session price. In general fees range between $20 – $50/ month. Supplements may be suggested however, I prefer nutrients are obtained from your diet.

Prior to Appointment you will need to complete new client forms and obtain most recent lab work. If you have not had recent labs we will discuss during consultation.