This course is for anyone looking to dig deeper into the world of medicinal plants and Earth Medicine! This is the perfect class to those who are beginning to navigate the herbal world to those looking to bring their knowledge together and/or deepen their connection and understanding.

Living Art of Plant Medicine

Foundation Modules: These Modules you will need before moving on to other Modules. The program is built on our Seeds of Wellness Paradigm which brings together all aspects of Body ~ Mind ~Spirit while intertwining the Spiritual and Physical elements of Earth.

This Course is offered in classroom, online, or a hybrid between the two! You will navigate through the plant world learning how the land gives back in appreciation. The modules will dive deep into plants, medicine making techniques, and applications.

Basic Botany and plant identification along with ethical harvesting techniques and the in depth and controversial discussion of wild harvested vs cultivated. You will learn to grow common Southern Appalachian Medicinal Plants by incorporating into the existing landscape and/or garden. The importance of soil and the role of living soil in the eco-system and health. The ability to build a bio-dynamic garden that incorporates microclimates and so much more!

You will learn about common conditions and beneficial plants and protocols while traveling through each body system.  One Weekend a Month for 9 months 200Hours $1550.00

Introductions: Discussion of Program requirements and Welcome Introduction.  

Module 1: Evolution of Plants, Basic Botany, Endangered Medicinal Plants, Plant Diversity, Understanding Soil, Relationship with Earth, Ethical Wild Harvesting Guidelines, Basics of Medicinal Preparations

Module 2: Medicinal Preparations Part II, Common Medicinal Herbs and uses , Single Herb Preparations

 Introduction to Salves, Tinctures, Liniments, Oils, Drying herbs, Infusions, Decoctions, Basic Anatomy, Medical Terminology, What is a Weed?

Module 3: Eco-systems, Biodiversity, Soil, Living Soil , Pollinators, Deepening Connection to Earth

Module 4: Creating Compost, Biodynamics, Planning a Garden, Food as Medicine Introduction, Beginning Materia Medica, Common Herbs x 10

Module 5: Pest Management, Germination, Harvesting Roots, Transplanting Plants, Seed Saving, Season Extension, Cold Frames

Module 6: Wild Harvesting, Using Field Guides, Medicinal Preparations in Field, Introduction to Herbal Energetics and Actions