Food Therapy

What is Food Therapy? 

Have you ever been frustrated with cutting calories, eliminating foods, following a diet, or eating foods you just don’t like? Many of us find our selves on a journey at some time to loose weight, feel better, and/or have more energy  at some time. It can be frustrating to not get the same results as our friends or neighbors, read information that is perceived as healthy but just isn’t.  Each one of us is different and just because you are eating healthy does not mean it is healthy for you. 

Food Therapy is creating a bio-individual protocol to meet your unique needs. The Consult is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and we will discuss current and past dietary habits, stress, genetics, epi-genetics, and a discussion of your goals. At the appointment I will look at your nails, eyes, face, and tongue. I ask that you bring recent labs (if available) and a one week dietary journal.

If a conventional or traditional practitioner has suggested a protocol and you are not sure where to start or what to cook I can fill in the gaps for you. All too often Coaches, practitioners, and other providers will recommend what to eat, what to eliminate, or give you a list of possible allergens with no instruction on nutrients, how to cook to preserve nutrients, or what to cook. I can help to fill in those gaps. 

After your appointment you will know what to avoid, eliminate, time frame, how to prepare to meet your specific needs, what to prepare, and a bio-individual protocol will be recommended. If you do not want to prepare your meals we offer bio-individual organic and local meals that are made just for you. 

Food Therapy appointment is for anyone looking to increase their energy level, wellness, feel better, or with a specific medical condition. Appointments are for Adults, Families, and Children. 

Private Group Dinners and Live Demos Available!!