As your Journey comes to a close this is the completion of the Practical Herbalism & Food Therapy Chef Program. In this course we will dive into:

Therapeutic protocols using herbs and foods. Develop an understanding of Plant energetics and pathways with medicinal herbs and foods. Develop Food protocols and infuse medicinal herbs into your culinary creations. Develop Herbal protocols and advance medicine making skills.

Dive deeper into protocols, pathology, and biochemistry. Your relationship with plants will deepen as we discuss the science behind the evolution of plants and Earth. Our relationship with land will be explored in depth.

As we continue to build the materia medica you will also develop techniques to use with clients to build successful protocols such as eye, tongue, skin, nail analysis, optimal ranges in labs, wellness coaching, meditation techniques, and more.

This course also includes fermentation and traditional foods, reiki certification, business development and marketing.

475 Hours $4000

Advanced Practical Herbalist: Formulation, Energetics, actions, Protocols, start your practice, Assessment, Pathology, Intake Form Creation, Liability, Marketing, Insurance, Building a Practice, Community Healer. 3-month intensive Advanced Practical Herbalist

Advanced Practical Herbalist II:  Combining Traditional Medicine Systems, Creating Protocols, Building Apothecary, Strong Medicine Making, Nutrient measurements, Advanced Formulation, Case Review, Citing Research, Clinical Skills, Dispensing.